Originally I had some vague mission statement on this page about how Head Explode is, at least in theory, an alternative media website. And I suppose it is, in that there are issues—whether social, geopolitical or psychological—covered on this blog that generally aren't touched by corporate news outlets, or are handled in passing with political correctness for fear of offending corporate sponsors. Nonetheless, this blog has basically just turned into a place for thinking out loud about whatever is on my mind on any given day. Most of the things I think about these days aren't really relevant to current events so much as personal psychology and life strategy. I'm also interested in art, music and martial arts so you'll find various articles on all of the above on this blog. From time to time we're also graced with a guest post by Irish occultist and communist firebrand Number 6. You can stream his internet radio station here.

If anyone else feels like contributing their ideas, let me know. I'd like it if other people blogged here as well.

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