Saturday, March 3, 2012

What I've Been Up To - No. 6's Journal

I haven't done anything with the Lynx & Lucia website for a few weeks now because I've been working on a new project; An Internet radio station. is the web address. I'd appreciate everyone's support in this new venture of mine because before writing and after Magick, my favouritist thing in the world is radio. I don't have much of an audience, I'm not responding to any unfilled niche, I just have a desire to broadcast TRUE RADIO. Good music of all sorts, local music, and people sharing what matters to them.

As we celebrate mediocrity, all the boys upstairs wanna see how much you'll pay for watcha used ta get for free

Tom Petty sang it well in "The Last DJ". In a world where mediocrity reigns, where beauty takes a backseat, and the media has been so co-opted by propaganda and misery to the point no one wants anything to do with any of it, I alone am standing up for what radio has to offer Humanity. I alone am standing up for the dream that once was and is now lost. All these radio stations now days either play what's on the charts, stick to one genre religiously, or disseminate pure rubbish that clogs up our minds and weighs heavy on our Hearts. What I'm doing is introducing you, the listener, to a range of GOOD MUSIC that you most likely haven't heard as well as some that you have, taken from all genres, to give you a unique listening experience. I'm also bringing folks on from many perspectives in life so that your head remains clear and your Heart remains light.

So please tune in with me Monday thru Wednesday 8PM (GMT) to 11PM, and on Saturdays (9PM) and Sundays (3PM) if I feel up to it. Give a call in, pop into the chatroom, and get involved as Eclectic Vibrations Radio is a Human Service (much like a Public Service, but for Humans) and is only enhanced by your participation.

And if you like the way we sound, bring your friends along to listen!
And check out the How You Can Help EV Radio Grow page. I can't stress enough how I need much I need YOUR support over the next few months as I know there is an audience out there for me, but due to the increasing amount of "white noise" on the Internet and in the real world, they don't know they're my audience yet!

The first few weeks have been long and hard, but it's been loads of fun. I really feel like I'm in my element, and it shows me that I do have what it takes to have my own slice of the world while I'm here.
As a Sensitive I allowed the world to crush me. I fought back in my own way. I learned my lessons. And I tried my best to be fair and diplomatic the whole way through. But it finally crushed me, degraded me, and left me feeling alone and afraid. It was only after several months of self-pity and hermetically stealing myself away from the world that I learned that I AM ALRIGHT and that my intuitions about this Human world were correct - it IS a place of confusion, pain, and denial, and that's all the more reason for a person like me who's been through the worst of it to come forth and give a space to those still suffering under the weight of The Babylon Matrix.

Come visit my site again soon, and do tune in.

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