Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is the end, beautiful friend...

Truth be told, at first I sort of hated Twitter. I created an account just to look around and what I saw wasn't all that impressive or endearing. As I gained a bit more experience with it, I began to think that this tool could be used for something more than expressing the most abjectly vacuous of thought fragments. I left thinking "I don't have a use for it now but I might return to this site if I have something to promote." As fate would have it, I did indeed end up having something to promote. Only...Twitter didn't prove all that effective a tool for doing so. I acknowledge its ability to create a certain amount of traffic—every link sent to 30,000+ followers receives almost 20 clicks; glory be—but that traffic has yet to lead to anything meaningful, i.e., a single blog comment.

The Break-up by FrameFrozen
It could very well just be that I suck at using Twitter properly and it could also simply be that there is nothing on this site worth anyone's time, including my own. Nonetheless, the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again expecting a different outcome. So Twitter, I'm sorry, but I have to break up with you. We had some laughs. I'll keep you synced with Facebook as a courtesy. Here's hoping we can still be friends. (You can keep the DVD player).

So, Twitter out. What is my next move? YouTube still seems a pretty good place to promote a site/brand/product/other. Facebook kinda feels like one of those sites where inertia works both ways. Reddit, Digg and Delicious remain unexplored frontiers though if I had to guess, I'd wager promoting nothing but your own blog is probably a no-no in the terms of service agreement?

Truth be told...I'm getting tired of this shit. No one else seems to give that much of a shit about Head Explode and I can't think of a reason why they should. Maybe it is time to invest my time and energy in more fruitful endeavors. I'll keep the forums online for the lulz and, in the event I actually have something to say, I'll even leave the blog up. But for the most part, I've lost the vim and vigor—assuming it was ever really there to begin with—to make something out of this site and any further effort feels a lot like phoning it in.

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