Friday, March 9, 2012

Coffee and Marijuana: Putting them into perspective

I believe myself to have been fooled by my culture in concerns with my health, and I feel it's an almost universal deception, and thus feel the need to share it with you: Do we have the correct perspective on drugs?

For 7 years now I've had a love for marijuana that soon turned into a preoccupation and opened the "gateway" for me to a tobacco addiction I've had for an equal number of years.
And as hazardous to my survival as that may sound, for 12 years I've had a love for coffee (and caffeinated teas). This was a substance use promoted by members of my family, people at-large, and the Caffeinated Culture - and I honestly feel that this has done just as much, if not a hell of a lot more, damage to my body.

This isn't a weed-smoking apologist article that's going to blindly defend and promote a substance that promotes slackness in many and psychosis in some. Instead, this is an honest account of a Human Being who's had real-life experiences with two very different substances that have altered my relationship to reality in a variety of ways.

Coffee is a chic thing, it snuck in the back door through tea (which also contains caffeine) into our culture long ago but only really seen its hayday at the end of the 90's and early 2000's with the rise of the take-away chains (at least in Ireland and Britain), and even though some of us saw it for the muck it truly was, our culture hasn't had time to "vet it" and decide whether they're going to frown when they see their children drinking it. It hasn't suffered the campaigns set out against it by the United States government like marijuana has. It hasn't been recognised as perhaps a completely disgusting and possibly cancerous activity, and campaigned against on all fronts, like cigarettes.... and I really wasn't smart enough to cop onto that at an impressionable age.
So now I'm suffering a worsening and harmful ADDICTION to caffeine and sugar (another stealthy culprit) at an age where I should have a stable metabolism and energy-flow; Why!?

I've never stopped drinking coffee and tea. I only copped that something was terribly wrong when I met some friends in the park, holding a take-away cup of coffee, and one of my dear friends said "Dude! You LIVE on coffee". Scary, right? Well I've never been that oblivious with my tobacco and marijuana dependencies. I gave up smoking twice, for months at a time, but due to peer-pressure and a feeling that something was missing inside I took to smoking again. I stopped smoking marijuana 2 times, often for a year or two each time but I began again because I genuinely loved getting high. If I could shake my caffeine addiction for any longer than a month, I'd stay off the stuff!
The picture I'm painting here if you haven't glimpsed it yet is that I've been programmed to worry about one somewhat harmful activity and never given the same treatment concerning something a whole lot more dangerous.

Do you drink coffee and caffeinated teas daily? If so, then you have a drug problem, just as much as you'd have a drug problem if you smoked cigarettes or marijuana. Caffeine and the extra junk that comes with coffee and black tea is killing you! Never mind your liver and kidneys needing to pass all this rubbish out of your system, but if you drink coffee daily you are (as generalising at this sounds) dehydrated and lacking in essential minerals. You may not feel the dehydration, but this is the nature of Human perception: if your inner/outer environment changes slowly you will still experience the world and feel that what you're perceiving it to be is exactly how it always felt.

At the time of writing this, I had only really noticed this sleight con played on me by unwitting individuals as damned as I am. I'm going to seriously rehydrate myself by staying away from caffeine, because this realisation has changed something within me emotionally; and when something changes you emotionally your thinking automatically shifts if you let go of old lies.

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