Saturday, November 19, 2011

Internet Trolls and Evolving Human Consciousness

I'm speaking as a self-tutored Psychologist and a former "Internet Troll" - as well as speaking as myself. The Internet Troll is a phenomena that is used quite a lot to silence the members of a community that aren't on the same "level" as the rest, and appear to be causing termoil and "getting people" angry. The Troll is a real thing, and one of it's most interesting qualities is that it is an expression of our evolving Consciousness.

Everyone knows what Anonymous is these days. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has something to say about *it* (which is usually the same thing). But it seems no one can tell you their history. I was Anonymous 3 years before it's shift into mainstream and at that time we were mainly interested in handing paedophiles over to the FBI and torturing the owners and communities of websites. We were after no big calling, although a lot of us felt one, we were after a good laugh. The Internet Troll didn't originate with Anonymous but its a relic of that tendency for people to experiment with words.

The Internet is now known as a great anonymizing tool to most people, it offers a great deal of protection from intimidation in most of its forms; mainly the types of intimidation exuded by other people.
And so it is a great platform for people to experiment with the vulnerable minds and short fuses of people who would normally rely on the intimidation of the average social setting and indeed the intimidation they exude themselves. These minds are, by virtue of other strengths, weak in the context of knowing their own boundaries.

Trolls consciously or otherwise understand the power of language. They choose the words they use wisely based on the normal weaknesses of the average individual. They know we tend to get emotionally involved with what we read, we don't trust our own convictions enough to know they're talking utter nonesense, and quite a lot of the time people online are itching for a fight. It takes a very few select words to compromise the integrity of this weak psyche.
Without the ability to project physical or social dominance (since the drama is now occuring in the victim's head in an empty room), the victims launches at this guy who is at liberty to say ANYTHING because he has no Social Persona to maintain within the community or he's decided to forsake it.

But one vital part of this not-so-new trend that is missing is the conscious understanding of what it is - it's us freeing ourselves from the Social Hierarchies. This involves a growing understanding of language and symbols, and how they can disaffect or uplift the mind. You can say shit online that you can't say in other situations; if you're aware of this then you'll see outside of our Linguistic Matrix just a little more.

Trolls are an upsetting lot, they disturb us and play tricks to lure us into wasting our time with them, they show us images we would much rather not see. So it is easy to confuse the slightly rebelious members of a community with the people who are consciously trying to disturb it. The "Troll Phenomena" is now the new "Communism". It's the new "Mental Illness". All online communities build some kind social structure heavily based on linguistics, replicating the social structures we built in real life (with huge liberal changes). This can be subtle, in the way that you walk into a library and you speak softly or enter a temple and feel reverence. The disaffected of our culture have a stronger voice online, and they sometimes passionately display their convictions. This will at times result in conflict with other people who were yet-unaware or intolerant of that individuals disposition.

The individual (or Mutant, as Jonathan Zap terms it) will always conflict with the community if he feels threatened by it (real or perceived), He requires space away from the community and to maintain a keen sense of His individual light in the world - It's a process of negotiation that each individual must consciously partake of to complete His individuation. This involves being able to voice your own needs to yourself in the correct terms, as we tend to clog that constant stream of experiential "data" - mostly by way of thinking about those needs in terms of other people. Since we are the word-dominated creature we gain a lot from being able to articulate our feelings, sensations, ideas, desires, and needs in our native language.
When we think less yet more efficiently and imaginatively we are directly plugged into this miraculous phenomena known as "Now". We think for almost every moment of our waking lives without any real pay-off or joy/playfulness. It's not fun, because it's mostly about the past that haunted you, the present you feel hopeless in, the future you're not always sure of, and the world of other people. Obviously man's thinking if off target.

Well how do we find out what it IS geared towards? We play with our words and we make new thoughts.

In conclusion: I'm not asking people to completely accept trolls, and let them completely run amuck, I'm asking people to recognise the negotiation of linguistic boundaries going on. Recognise the part inside of you that wants to get involved with the people you consider trolls. Ask yourself why you feel the need to police the expressions of others instead of walking away and/or continuing what you were doing. Maybe also ask yourself whether what you were doing or thinking was really all that important if someone distracted you from doing it with some "insignificant" words. Is life really that cheap?

Know Thy Self. Avail of the fabulous opportunity that trolls provide for you to do that.

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Letter from the White House

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Introduction to Scientology

A multimedia primer on the violent and dangerous cult of L. Ron Hubbard.

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