Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21/11 - This Week in Head Explode

Unit 731: The Horrors of the Asian Auschwitz
October 15, 2011 at 5:25 PM

Through the practice of lethal human experimentation, the unit is thought to have been responsible for the death of up to 200,000 civilians and military personnel – the vast majority Chinese and Korean nationals.

In the sprawling six kilometer-square complex in the city of Harbin (now part of Northeast China) those behind the sickening 'research' developed some of the most cruel and sadistic experiments ever to be conducted on human victims. These included vivisection, amputations, germ warfare tests, explosive weapons testing, and much more.

Organs were removed from test subjects while they were still alive so that decomposition would not alter the results as was feared might happen.

The brains behind the unit, Shiro Ishii, lived in peace and quiet to the ripe old age of 67, when he died of throat cancer. The United States felt that the research into germ warfare was too valuable to lose and so cut a deal with the Japanese.

By granting immunity to Ishii and the other scientists working under him, the US wanted to ensure that no other nation would lay its hands on their research into bio-warfare. However, the Soviets did glean a certain amount of information after prosecuting 12 leaders and scientists from Unit 731 in war crimes trials held in 1949.

I find it sad that the US actually honoured the immunity deal with Shiro Ishii and put him on on government payroll.. Considering all the regime changes the CIA has helped orchestrate you'd think they'd be able to stomach breaking a deal with at least the ringleader.

On the flip-side considering the US didn't sign the Geneva Accord on biological weapons till 1975 at least they weren't breaking it as the Soviets were.

A Pet Peeve: "My People..."
October 18, 2011 at 8:57 AM
I greatly dislike it when an upper middle class African American from Sacramento who was born in 1992, privately educated, drives a BMW paid for by mommy and daddy and raised in a McMansion talks about how hard life is because they're black. And moreover, how great black people are because "We built this country!" To which you respond, "Uh, you were born in 1992, you didn't build jack shit" and they in turn respond "Well, my people built this country. Do you have any idea what my people have gone through?"

Actually, yeah, I do. It doesn't change the fact that you personally are a pain in the ass self pitying 19 year old who has contributed nothing of value to society, endured absolutely no major hardship whatsoever and has jack shit to complain about.

Edit: video related. I love this fucking guy.

Army vet stands ground against police at occupy wall street
October 18, 2011 at 5:00 AM
That's what we've got here.

Wynia on Exiled
October 18, 2011 at 4:03 AM
I had a weird series of dreams about these barbarians in an Arabic culture in the desert, and if you don't follow their god, or worship their idols or whatever, you're tossed out to survive on your own. And you think, my god, I'm going to die out here, and that's when you run into all the other people that were tossed out on their own because they didn't fit. The idea of the song was very much to me that if you don't give in to that anger and bitterness and that depression, but instead you carve and squeeze the fat from the land and you pull people together, you can come back and take over. And I think in a lot of ways it's sort of a mobilization know, don't just sit back and feel pathetic. Love who you are."

This has always been one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands and never has it been more immediately relevant to our time. Sharing is caring. Hug

October 20, 2011 at 1:13 AM
This kid is blowin shit up on the youtube machine.

Some of his tracks have gotten between 15 and 30 million views, which is beyond insane for an electronic producer, especially one fairly new. Just insane.

The most awesome God damned force in the whole godless world.
October 19, 2011 at 7:31 AM
Any thoughts on the mainstream media's irresponsible blackout of the Occupy Wall Street movement? Now it's too big to ignore but for way too long it went beneath the radar of corporate news. Olbermann blasted the shit out of the MSM's farcical lack of coverage not long ago.

Why isn't any major news outlet covering this? Do we have the crowd shots by any chance? Where you can see the dimensions? That one, that's the one. If that's a tea party protest in front of Wall Street about Ben Bernacke putting stimulus funds into it, it's the lead story on every network newscast. How is that disconnect possible in this country today with so many different outlets and so many different ways of transmitting news?"

It's kind of amazing Network was made in 1976 and gets more relevant with each passing year.

"We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true!"

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